Welcome to Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital

Aum Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah |
Sarve Santu Niramayah |
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu |
Ma Kashchit Dukhabhaghagbhavet ||

May All Be Happy,
May All Be Healthy,
May All See Auspiciousness,
May None Suffer.

Based on this ideology from scriptures on Vedantic Philosophy, Saint Tukaram translated the poetic quartet into a ballad, to make the meaning easy for the illiterate common people of that era. On the same ideology Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital is based. Many Philanthroprits and the like minded people from Akola were worried about the population explosion, defective life style and steadily increasing number of cancer patients from villages and townships. The affording class of patients could easily attend metrocities for further management, but the poorest class of cancer patients had always been a big issue. People raised and got united to fight against this social health evil, accepted the challenge and thus emerged “Manav Seva Public Charitable Foundation” which projected Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital & Medical Research Centre at Akola. Huge money was raised for this noble cause as there was no government aid or grant sanctioned.

The great humanitarian and philanthropist of Akola late Mr. Gangadharji Mulchandji Agrawal, father of Mr. Girish Agrawal now chairman of the trust, kind heartedly donated prime land at Gaurakshan Road, Akola measuring 68000 square feet to the trust. Additional adjacent piece of land measuring 22000 square feet was happily donated by late Mr. Ramesh Dwarkadasji Agrawal (Tikupote), father of trusts treasurer Mr. Sushilji Agrawal. Since last 18 years Sant Tukaram Cancer Hospital, at Akola has treated thousands of poor cancer patients without considering caste & creed and without any political or religious pressures.

After facing initial stumbling blocks, the cancer hospital grew its repute steadily and unfalteringly and since last 8-10 years due to the hard work of the management and medical wing, the hospital is able to serve poorest of the poor cancer patients most efficiently. This is due to the holistic approach and making available all cancer treating facilities under one roof. Till date, the hospital has treated about 20,000 cancer patients by radiation therapy, 7000 cancer surgeries have been performed, more than 10,000 patients have received chemotherapy and about 4000 patients have received general line of treatment successfully.

To make people in villages aware about the cancer, periodic cancer awareness Camps are organized. Through audio-visual aids people in general are made aware about cancer prevention and periodic checkup in suspected cases. Just alone by this social gesture there are many cancer patients on record wherein early diagnosis during periodic checkup could totally cure the individuals and then they are enjoying life at a fuller length, as if reborn. Physiotherapy, plastic surgery have altered the post surgery disfigurement and limitations in mobility. As a part of the holistic approach yoga, meditation and medical counseling give tremendous support to the not so lucky cases.